Firefox 3.0 Cracks 20-million Download Barrier

Mozilla Firefox hits the 20 million download mark while its global market share experiences a significant rise.

The party for Mozilla doesn't seem to get over, as a large number of users are still going for its newly launched web browser Firefox 3.0.

After registering a whopping 8 million download count on its first day, the browser reached the 20 million download target within a week's time, causing serious worries to Microsoft.

According to Vince Vizzaccaro, Executive VP Marketing, the market share of Mozilla has increased by 0.76%, whereas, market share of Microsoft has seen a downward trend with 0.8% decline.

The new browser from Mozilla promises to deliver matchless browsing experience with improved performance and stability, less resource consumption, and better immunity from malicious attacks.

In addition, Firefox 3.0 displays an "awesome bar", which presents 12 relevant addresses to the user, as soon as he types the words in the address bar, with the most visited address at the top of the list.

There is a long way to go for Mozilla, as Microsoft still enjoys the lion's share in the market, however, with Firefox 3.0 Mozilla has grabbed the much needed market attention.