Greenpeace Posts New Eco Friendly Tech Ratings; Sony Grabs Top Spot

Greenpeace has issued the latest Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics which grades 18 consumer electronics manufacturing companies in terms of their eco friendly means of production and products.

Greenpeace has been issuing the list since 2006 and has already contributed to reduction in toxic chemicals used by the industry.

The newest guide has stricter guidelines, than previous ones, Greenpeace is considering the companies on the basis of their disclosure in greenhouse gas emissions with their support for reduction in global emissions and the reductions in their own emissions.

Greenpeace also checked a selection of each company's products to see if they meet the requirements of the Energy Star rating of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Only two companies, Sony and Sony Ericsson have scored above 5 points on Greenpeace's rating scale which Nintendo scored the lowest.

Nintendo alleges that it did not contribute to Greepeace's survey and that's why it scored so low in the scale, however, Greenpeace said that they used the information that is available on Nintendo's website to judge Nintendo's production process.

Microsoft scored the second lowest, Microsoft regards the fact that since it is actively involved in various environmentally friendly activities its carbon footprint is actually less.