The Marshall Islands - where are they?

Newswire reports that the sole ISP in the Marshall Islands was seriously zonked (that's a technical term -Ed) earlier this week had me reaching for the atlas, if only to find where in the Pacific the islands are located.

It seems that that the Marshall Islands' ISP was hit by a zombie attack which effectively paralysed the ISP's email servers.

According to the Pacific ITwire, the attack started early Tuesday with unknown hackers flooding the ISP with spammed messages.

As you might imagine, the ISP serving a nation of 55,000 peeps didn't have sufficient capacity to handle the overload, which lasted almost a whole day.

Interestingly, NTA (the ISP) says that punters could exchange emails amongst themselves okay, but it was the traffic in and out of the islands that was kerzonked,

According to NTA, this was the first attack of its type on the Islands, and officials are trying to work out why anyone would stage this type of attack on a sleepy set of islands in the Pacific.

Hmm - given that the islands only have one ISP, I would hope this attack will act as a wake-up call to NTA to protect its systems.

It isn't - as the actress said to the Bishop - rocket science...