New Internet Domain Names To Hit The Net Soon Says ICANN

A Radical transformation in the way we use the internet could be at our doorsteps, as Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has given a green signal to bring upon customizations of web-addresses.

Initially ICANN allowed only few key domain names, .org,, etc, for a broad range of website profiles but these may get changed to profile-oriented domain names, such as .sport, .music, .bank and many others.

The three year long debate over the issue has come to an end with a unanimous approval to the introduction of customized set of key website addresses.

In addition those who don't know English language can now use their native language symbols for expanding their businesses across web.

ICANN chairman, Peter Dungate Thrush, considered the move as a historic resolution and compared it with the Margaret Thatcher's decision of liberalising the telecom market in UK.

There is also some security concern linked with the move, as it may encourage cybersquatting - as people may generate trapping web addresses to make money for themselves.

ICANN will start accepting the requests for new domain names in April 2009, and the addresses will be allocated by the end of the year.