O2 Mistakenly Displays iPhone 3G PAYG Prices Online

O2 was left stunned when the prices of its 3G iPhone PAYG services for non contract customers were revealed on its official website.

Calling the whole thing a technical error, O2 maintains that the page was loaded accidentally (ed : Yeah, right... )

Even though the page was swiftly removed, it is not clear whether prices shown were the real thing or not. O2 has not confirmed or denied the authenticity of the prices.

The website revealed that the 8GB model charged £299.99 for its Pay and Go option while the 16GB charges £359.99.

In addition, users can get 6 months of free and unlimited web browsing with a payment of £10 a month after the sixth month.

The original iPhone had cost £269 with a £35 monthly contract. In comparison, the prices revealed this week, if true, give iPhone 3G customers a good deal.

O2 has already made public its contractual tariff for the new iPhone with the lowest being £30 per month with a £99 fee for the handset.

The much awaited iPhone 3G is due to go on sale on 11 July from O2 stores nationwide.