Panasonic Unleashes Rugged Atom-based CF-U1 Toughbook

Panasonic has launched CF-U1 Toughbook, a mini laptop, in an attempt to keep up with the growing demands of corporate users.

The Japanase manufacturer, with its newly invented Toughbook, has tried to integrate the features of a portable handheld and a powerful laptop in a single computer.

This CF-U1 Toughbook is based on Intel's Atom new processor range, and is relatively light and compact at 1.06 kg and this is arguably the first time that the processor has been used in an expensive laptop.

Besides, the atom processor, the laptop also features two batteries which can be "hot swapped", which means, one battery may be replaced or taken out without switching off the entire connection, and the batteries can run for three to four hours after a single charge.

Panasonic has tried to make the device more user friendly by improving its layout with an LCD screen which allows the user to use the laptop even in sunlight.

The device is designed in such a way that it can survive a fall of approximately 120cm and in addition to this CF-U1 also features water and dust resistant connectors.

Reports suggest that this powerful handheld laptop will hit the market in the coming August with an estimated cost of GBP 1300.