Apple To Morph iPhone And iPod Touch Into Classy Remote Control Units

Apple is planning to introduce an application that will enable its users to control iTunes remotely, while sitting at home, using their iPhone or iPod Touch.

A report by MacRumors suggests that Apple will soon launch an application that will allow users to remotely control their iTunes, via iPhone or iPod Touch.

The description of the application was provided in the information that was made available with the pre-release version of iTunes 7.7.

The report also suggests that this yet-to-be launched application will enable the users to play their iTunes audio back, using Wi-Fi technology.

The report put forward that iTunes 7.7 can be used to synchronize videos, music, and other applications from iTunes Stores that are exclusively framed for iPhone or iPod Touch.

This application is expected to be available as a free download from the App Store, and this initiative would surely build up the add momentum to Apple's impending release of "iPhone Software Development Kit".