BBC Starts High Definition DVB-T2 Freeview Transmission Trials

Clearly, the BBC is spread betting on a number of High Definition technologies as it prepares the daunting task of planning the delivery of Eastenders and Teletubbies to the British public for the next few years.

According to What Satellite and Digital TV, BBC has started testing a high definition version of Freeview which should be ready within the next 18 months (giving us a tentative release date of January 2010).

BBC will be using DVB-T2 technology which allows transmission capacity to be boosted by nearly 30 percent.

Speaking to WSDT, Justin Mitchell, BBC's DVB-T2 development team leader, said: "We are delighted that our team in collaboration with our partners has been able to deliver such a key piece of technology in such a short timescale. This is a big step forward in enabling the introduction of full HD terrestrial on Freeview by the end of 2009."

Obviously, DVB-T2 is not compatible with the current Freeview set-top boxes, which means more electronic waste to go to landfills in the next few years.

BBC has also been investing massively in Freesat HD technology - which was launch at the beginning of April 2008 - as well as next generation P2P technology aiming at delivering high quality content.

It has also hugely contributed to the democratisation of online video on demand through its wildly popular iPlayer service.