HMRC To Collaborate With US Over Fraud Detection Technology

In what some could consider as yet another sign of allegiance to the US of A, Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has signed an agreement with the American Immigration and Customs Enforcement (AICE) to give share confidential information in exchange for their top of the range anti fraud technology called DARTT.

The Independent on Sunday broke the story which is set to get privacy activists concerned (and agitated) as the Data Analysis and Research for Trade Transparency System, developed by the AICE, is in essence a huge analytical database designed to detect and track money laundering, tax evasion and trade fraud.

DARTT is useful for identifying discrepancies in trade and financial transactions and has been successful in thwarting money laundering processes from International organised crime as well as terrorist groups.

The HMRC though, has been asked to provide "regular exchanging of trade data with them on UK-US import-export declarations" to receive access to DARTT, which the HRMC admits (according to the Independent) is too expensive and time consuming to be built.