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O2 is UK's Fastest Broadband Provider Says New Survey

Research carried out by has crowned O2 as the fastest 8Mbps broadband package in UK with speeds 50 percent faster than second place Sky.

The mobile phone company purchased ADSL2+ pioneer, Be There, a few years ago and gradually expanded its customer base while maintaining existing customers happy with above average speeds.

The company came first in a contest which saw Moneysupermarket wade through a list 16 service providers and 20000 speed tests.

At 5.39Mbps, O2 is almost twice faster than third place Talktalk which is advertised as a 8Mbps service; in contrast, the average broadband speed in UK is 2.97Mbps.

The Telefonica-owned company also came on top in 16Mbps and 20Mbps packages, offering on average speeds of 8.15Mbps.

Commenting on the results, Rob Narmes, head of Broadband and Mobiles at added that ""Ofcom's code of practice can't come into force soon enough, although it's hard to see why the code is voluntary as advertised speeds are a mile away from reality. The broadband market is approaching a buyer beware mentality, and it's Ofcom's duty to correct this and protect the consumer."

Interestingly, all top three Internet service providers offer Broadband as an add on to complement their existing services - Talktalk for its landline, Sky for its TV packages and O2 for its mobile services.

All three have also bypassed BT's wholesaler service and are using their own unbundled network; which means less overheads and more control over speeds.

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