Verizon Urges Vodafone US to Sell Stake in Wireless Company

Verizon's high profile Chief Executive Officer, Ivan Seidenberg, wants to take over the 45 percent share that Vodafone US owns in Verizon Wireless and take charge of its own destiny.

In an interview to the Financial Times, Mr Seidenberg said that they would be ready to purchase Vodafone's stake although he admitted that this is unlikely to happen in a near future.

Estimates put a price tag of £30 billion on Vodafone's share of Verizon Wireless, which has increased substantially since the company acquired Alltel for £14 billion.

There has also been rumours that Vodafone could bite the bullet and actually take over Verizon Communications in a bid to conquer the US market, thereby ending with 100 percent ownership of Verizon Wireless, but also a substantial chunk of the overall US Telecoms sector.

Vodafone has already exited the Japanese market after selling its interest in Vodafone Japan for a whopping £8.9 billion back in 2006 but has hinted at a major push in Australasia, Asia and Middle East countries where growth rates are more important than in more mature western countries.