Asus to Make EEE PC Laptop Fatter

According to the recent reports, Asus is planning to discard the Eee PC frame that shot the ultra-small laptop to fame.

Reports also suggest that the company is absolutely prepared to replace the Eee PC 901 and Eee PC 900 with two of its latest models 905 and 904.

This will enable Asus to enlarge the dimensions of the Eee PC’s keyboard, as this was the major criticism of the device.

It is expected that the expansion of the keyboard will facilitate the battery life and storage capacity of the Eee PC’s.

Reports suggest that the new models will maintain the same 8.9inch screen size and even the price would remain same.

But this initiative involves a risk factor as well, because the compact size of Eee PC’s was one of the major reasons behind the initial success of the device.

Asus has not received any comments from its UK representatives regarding the launch of the two new models.