Netherlands man arrested for hacking 50,000 credit cards

Scanning the weekend wires, I was amazed to read on the Dutch newswires about a 20-year-old Maastricht man who has been arrested and accused of hacking and stealing the details of 50,000 payment cards on t'Internet.

It seems that the unnamed gent is alleged to have hacked into the Web portal of a US games company and nicked a copy of Territory: Quake War whilst it was in development.

Police seized the man's computer and a gun during their search of his home last Tuesday. Unsurprisingly (given the gun) he was arrested at the same time.

The credit and debit card details were obtained from a UK ticketing agency, and were used to make numerous online purchases (it says here).

According to the AFP newswire, the man is alleged to have caused $20 million of infrastructure damage in his hacking and online fraud sprees.

That an awful lot of dosh, so I can't help feeling that there's some PR spin in play in this story. Never mind, the truth will come out when he eventually appears in court...