Resurgent AMD Releases Quad Core Phenom Triplets

AMD has released three new quad core Phenom X4 CPU today, with the 140W 2.6GHz 9950 model leading the way - although there's not much to expect against Intel's all conquering Quad Core parts which should trounce AMD's CPUs easily.

That's said, the other two parts, the 1.8GHz 9150e and 2.0GHz 9350e not only bring the price of quad core goodness to less than $200 - that's £100 but they also consume less power, only 65W according to AMD literature.

All three CPUs use 65nm technology and have 4MB of L2+L3 cache with the 9950, AMD's current champion costing only $235 when purchased in thousands.

AMD is betting on computer manufacturers concentrating on platforms rather than on individual components to win against Intel.

All in all, it looks that AMD could be mimicking the same approach it has adopted in its race with Nvidia, that is abandoning the bragging rights to the fastest processors to Intel and concentrate on the more lucrative mainstream segments.