Reviewing Working Practices

It is always a good idea to review working practices and personal productivity. Businesses can do this by examining the way their staff work and identify what are the top time wasters.

These can include people's inability to effectively organise, manage and find the information in offices, on laptops, and in the shared databases they use. You can waste a huge amount of time just having to look for stuff.

Meetings, training courses, presentations and other group activities can largely be a waste of time, badly managed and often unnecessary, but we participate because we're told we have to.

Many business-people spend up to 30% of their time in group activities scheduled by others.

It is important to find ways to stop doing a lot of things that aren't important. Interestingly, e-mail and other technologies, instead of empowering the work force can cause people to spend more and more time doing things that are urgent but not important, and sometimes things that are neither urgent nor important but easy to do.

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