Telecom Giant Vodafone And MySpace Partner Over New Music Project

Vodafone is going to team up with MySpace, a popular social networking site to start up an all new musical internet marketing platform.

MySpace and Vodafone have joined hands to launch an innovative music-based internet marketing platform christened as the “Vodafone Music Reporter”.

The service is available as an interactive profile that enables the telecom firm to showcase its latest music and to feature some user-generated content.

From now on, MySpace members can download and upload videos and pictures related to Vodafone Music Unlimited Events, and can also interact using a special blog.

Head of UK sales, Nick Reid, claims that this initiative will enable Vodafone to gain “a creative audience”.

He further added that it’s a great move for Vodafone as well as MySpace, as it enhances the possibilities available to MySpace advertisers.

MySpace has also revamped several features of its site, including an all new outlook, a better search quality and improved tools for editing profile.

To begin with the service will be initially made available in Germany, Spain, Italy and UK.