UK PC Market Boosted by Laptops and Falling Prices

More than 3.25 million cmoputers were sold in the UK in the first quarter of 2008 according to IDC, that's a healthy 14.3 percent increase over the same period last year.

Laptops are the leaders with a massive 42 percent increase, which compensates for the drop in desktop sales. by 8.3 percent.

The research outfit also pointed out to the fact that even if laptops generally have a higher total cost of ownership and are more expensive, their lower acquisition costs, as well as the push for teleworking and the rise of mobile broadband packages have made them popular with companies and individuals alike.

The surge in the number of laptops sold has also been attributed to the launch of a new generation of ultracheap, ultra portable laptops, of which the Asus EEE PC is the better known ones.

Lucie Jichova, research analyst for IDC’s EMEA PC research group, said : "Demand levels for desktops in the SME and consumer segments remain lacklustre, added Jochova. “In order to maintain sales volumes of consumer desktops, PC manufacturers will increasingly focus on home entertainment solutions and gaming machines"