Warner Joins Nokia's Comes With Music Scheme

Nokia's "Comes With Music" service has managed to recruit Warner Music Group, the third major music company, leaving only EMI.

Sony BMG and Universal had already signed for Nokia's much talked about scheme; Warner Music will also distribute its song library through Nokia's Music Stores.

Comes with Music should allow users to have access to music through their mobile phones for a year while giving them unlimited access to their own personal libraries as long as it is kept on the phones.

Nokia will get a share of whatever purchase is done on the phone - which will necessarily include DRM protection - and that will include everything from tickets to paraphernalia and online tracks obviously.

EMI is also rumoured to be interested once minor issues are ironed out; Nokia Music Stores and Comes with Music are expected to be available in a number of mature markets in Europe and Asia.

There's also the concern of what will happen after the first year of subscription as prices have yet to be set.