Analyst Predicts An Apple iPhone With Intel's Atom Inside By 2010

The incessant buzz over Intel’s Atom based iPhone has again set the blogosphere on fire due to some speculation spurred by JoAnne Feeney, analyst FTN Midwest.

The microprocessor manufactured using 32nm process technology, is already powering the mini laptop Eee PC 901 from Asus, and is expected to be employed in Apple’s future iPhones in 2010, the analyst reckoned.

However, the recently launched Apple 3G iPhone was supposed to employ the Atom microprocessor, but that didn’t materialize at all due partly to the fact that its power consumption was far above what Apple considered to be adequate.

Intel is about to launch Atom’s next generation Moorestown chip, which is more resourceful than the former class, could pave the way for Atom’s utilization in third-generation iPhones.

The analyst’s speculation is said to be entirely based on Intel’s pre-announced Moorestown chips.

Feeney anticipates the introduction of 45 nm Moorestown next year, followed by 32 nm version in 2010 and maintained that, Intel is already “well ahead” in its development program of Atom’s family of microprocessors.