Apple Releases Fourth Update For Mac OS X Leopard Platform

Apple has set free the fourth update of its operating system Leopard- Mac OS X 10.5.4, in order to handle various issues including its problems with the Safari web browser, AirPort and iCal.

Safari web browser update intensifies the bound checking process, and thereby increases the system’s immunity against the malicious website attacks.

Apple included 11 of the patched vulnerabilities under “arbitration code execution” label, which can be considered as more critical by vendors.

The AirPort update deals with the sluggish performance issues of Mac, which is severely affecting the integrated applications such as- Mainstage and Logic Studio.

One of the core issues addressed by the update is the easy deletion of the iCal events; which earlier required the notification to the original creator of that event.

Security update also fixes several bugs in Ruby and Apache Tomcat - the former is an open-source scripting language, and latter is also an open-source element that facilitates the execution of Java code.

In addition, Apple has also introduced several other security updates including- Alias Manager, Dock, System Configuration, Launch Services, Core Types, etc.

The updates can be downloaded from Apple’s website.