C.B.Learning Debuts Official Microsoft Online Learning : Managed, Simple, Cost-effective

As an official provider of Microsoft Online Learning, C.B.Learning unveils the next generation of IT skills training;

Their Learning Management System (LMS) offers cost-effective, managed training, without the need to leave the office.

This secure online service allows you to manage your employees’ training, cut costs and save time.

Key members of your team stay in the office. C.B.Learning gives you a direct way to track progress and help you extend your training budget.

Official Microsoft Online Learning courses are written and designed by the Microsoft product team to map skills specifically demanded in the workplace.

There are hundreds of courses covering most Microsoft technologies, so you can tailor your training choice to meet your company’s needs.

As many of these courses are written by the product teams themselves, C.B.Learning offers new Microsoft training courses often before other companies have them so you can get your teams up to speed on new software sooner.

Discover the simple route to training success.

Sign up for a free Microsoft course today.