Citibank ATMs hit by advanced hackers

Interesting - from a technical perspective - to hear that Citibank's ATMs in the States has been hit by a sophisticated hack.

The ATMs, which are located in 7-11 stores across the US, appear to be have been hit by the hackers, who recorded the data streaming from the cash machines across the IP network.

What's worrying about this hack is the crims appear to have got their grubby paws on the card details, as well as the PIN punched in by the customer.

Newswire reports suggest that the hack lasted from October of 2007 right through until March of this year, when Citibank rumbled what was happening and locked down the fraud.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that several million dollars was derived from the hack, which spanned an unknown number of the bank's 5,700 ATMs scattered across the US.

Citibank is staying quiet on the hacker's modus operandi, but some wire reports suggest that the fraud is linked to a hack on its servers earlier this year.

Thanks for the NZ Herald (of all papers) for breaking this story...