Google Plays the Entertainer With “Family Guy” Seth MacFurlane

Google stroke a deal with “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFurlane to show Macfurlane's new creation “Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy” over AdSense.

Google is eyeing the content distribution market as indicated by its deal with Seth MacFurlane.

Google intends to present MacFurlane's show, “Cavalcade of Comedy” over AdSense at the websites where Google knows the audience is fit for the show and at the websites the audience will see a video of the show complete with advertisements of advertisers in contract with Google.

The advertisements will be in the form of preroll ads, brought to you by notes and banners and the show is in the form of 50 two-minutes shows.

The new deal by Google is similar to its deal with Washington Post to distribute real estate listings although Google intends to show the clippings at Youtube too.

However the deal with MacFurlane, if it is successful, will bring about a new change in Google's distribution business.

Google considers the move to be a test to see if the audience appreciates the new medium.

For MacFurlane the Internet is a way to express himself away from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) breathing down his neck.

Nevertheless, there are sceptics who believe that instead of relying on AdSense to generate the advertisements, the company should think about where to place the show with its publishers and see how to best show off the advertisements as viewers don't take well to advertisements forced on to them.