Symantec: 80 per cent of all email is spam

I was listening to the podcast version of The Bottom Line - Evan Davies' excellent radio program which is broadcast on BBC R4 each Saturday - last night and was intrigued to hear John Brigden, the executive vice president of Symantec talking about email.

The conversation with Evan Davies was, as usual with the BBC's former economics editor, quite topical, and discussed a lot of matters - which is why I like the panel approach of the program.

Along with hearing how night-clubs are using the Web and social networking sites to promote their services, the topic turned to the use of email - and security.

Brigden - who I've seen at a few conferences in the past, and who I respect for really knowing his stuff - said that 80 per cent of the UK's email is now spam.

That's a really staggering statistic, but the good news is that most ISPs now seem to be filtering out the worst of the crap.

Most companies, said Brigden, are more concerned about data leakage than spam. Now isn't that revealing...