T-Mobile Adds HSUPA To Boost Uploads On Its Mobile Broadband

T-Mobile will soon become the first UK operator to introduce one of the fastest mobile broadband services nationwide.

HSUPA (high-speed uplink packet access) will be crucial for those who want to upload content to the web from their phones or laptops, rather than merely downloading it as the HSUPA link will offer an uplink speed of more than 1.4mbps.

Jim Hyde, Chief executive of UK T-mobile, said that this initiative is a result of the growing craze for social networking sites and for sharing videos and photos.

T-Mobile also claims that the speed of HSDPA has also been upgraded to 7.2mbps, while most other networks are still using 384kbps speed; with London leading the pack.

It is also reported that during the recent tests conducted by PC Pro, it was noted that T-Mobile's average download speeds reached an average of 2mbps.

In related news, T-Mobile dropped its monthly Mobile Broadband Plus price plan by £5 for the first three month of the contract, effectively giving you the first month for free - provided that you sign for a 24 month contract.