Xandros Buys Linspire: Open Source Consolidation on its way

Recent reports suggest that Xandros, the Canadian desktop Linux vendor, is going to take over Linspire, the San Diego based Linux distributor famous for its legal tangle with Microsoft a few years ago.

Linux shareholders recently received a memorandum, from the CEO Larry Kettler, that the company has planned to sell out all the assets of Linspire to Xandros.

The shareholders did not greet this initiative with great enthusiasm as the decision to go ahead with the deal was taken without a prior meeting of the shareholders.

Former CEO of Linspire, Kevin Carmony, described this move as a "complete disregard" of hundreds of shareholders, who had shown faith in the company.

Kevin Carmony, stated in his blog that in most of the states, any merger, reorganization, acquisition, and buying or selling of the company's assets does require a shareholders meet, even if the company has only one share holder.

He added that this is going to be a completely insignificant move for shareholders of Linspire, and it would surely be an end also for the customers of Linspire.

Carmony also said that the founder and chief owner of Linspire, Michael Robertson is responsible for all this, as he is the one who drained the company of its resources and cash.