All in One Asus EEE Monitor PC Gets Ready For Torrid launch

It is called the EEE Monitor but doesn't have any VGA or HDMI or DVI entry; "it" is the next member of the Asus EEE family, a family which is growing faster than Apple's "i" clan.

The Eee monitor is actually an all in one PC which has adopted an Apple iMac approach - this shouldn't come as a surprise since Asus manufactures Apple's own gears.

The 19-inch monitor/PC (or 20 to 21, depending on who your sources are) would cost around £250, which is what you could expect from Asus and cram a complete computer in the monitor's chassis.

Expect it to come the EEE monitor range to come in several colours, based on Intel's Atom range, with the possibility of adding either a 40GB SSD disk or a 80GB traditional hard disk drive plus 1Gb worth of DDR2 memory.

It doesn't appear to have an optical drive (ed: who needs one now?) but does come with an antiquated modem.

Other features include a webcam, a pair of speakers courtesy of upmarket manufacturer Denon, a built-in TV tuner and six USB ports.

Software wise, it wouldn't be surprising if some flavour of Linux is bundled with the computer. Similarly, if Asus is smart enough, they could even throw in Windows XP Home.

Vista though is out of question as it would be too demanding for the little Atom processor.

Below, pictures of Apple's iMac and the EEE Monitor.