Comment : Are SSD Hard Drives Actually Kill Laptop's Battery Life?

With the advent of high capacity Solid State Drives like the OCZ Core Series, that do not cost the earth, it is only a matter of years before these devices replace traditional hard drives in all but the most capacious peripherals.

But there might be a storm brewing as an indepth test conducted last week by,review-31019.html Tomshardware shows that Solid State Drives drive up power consumption rather than decrease it.

In a nutshell, they found out that hard drive electronics does not consume as much power in real life situations whereas Solid state drives have only two mode, on and off, and the fact that many SSDs contained memory chips RAIDed together to boost speed means power consumption increases incrementally with more chips being added.

While traditional spinning hard drives can come to a stand still when needed, SSDs are always running at peak energy consumption.

But Tomshardware has already been accused by some of its own readers of not having done enough research before coming to this conclusion.

Still it triggers an interesting debate on whether SSDs are more frugal than hard disk drives when it comes to power consumptions