The Greatest Show on Earth – The London Olympics

The 2012 London Olympics is in effect one of the biggest and most complex projects in recent British history.

The planning application detailed a schedule of project phases including extensive work to waterways, construction of river and flood defence walls, highways, five permanent sporting venues and three other temporary venues as well as post event housing and offices.

The planning and progress of this most ambitious project and the control of budgets is at the nub of its success.

However, as we know, costs have already tripled. Every country wants to be heralded as the best ever host, but can the London Olympics be one of the best ever games?

Or, could the unthinkable happen and London delivers a catastrophic Olympics beset with debt for generations?

Good project management provides an integrated framework for project visualisation, organisation, planning and control which is designed to ensure the timely and cost-effective production of all the end elements, maintain acceptable standards of quality, achieve the benefits for which the investment in the project has been made.

Hopefully this project of projects will set a standard for all organisations to aspire to.

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