Internet Radio and Podcasts Draw Massive Audience

According to recent industry figures, the number of radio listeners on the Internet has jumped-up drastically.

A recent report conducted by industry's audience research body, known as Rajar, has revealed that listening to radio through the Internet has become quite popular in the UK with over 14million people who regularly tune-in to the Internet based radio programs.

It is an online survey that sampled approximately 863 people; the report clearly indicates that the number of people listening to internet radio online had increased by 2.5 million in the last six months.

The survey also revealed that around 6 million people in UK have downloaded a podcast and it was also found that music and comedy are the two hot favourite genres among the UK audience.

The report also revealed that the growing number of listeners is due to the "get back" or "listen again" services provided by the radio operators that have compelled the listeners to tune-in to the programs which they have never listened before.

The survey also provides an insight into the online/offline behaviour of audio community as well as the influence of latest audio delivery formats on the conventional radio listening.