A million cards hacked - and counting

Fascinating to read some of the local news reports in the US about how some of the smaller banks are handling the fallout from the recent rash of card database hacks.

Envision Credit Union of Florida is one such institution, and which has had to start re-issuing cards to 612 of its members.

The union has notified its members their cards are being replaced, said Al Hammock, Envision's senior vice president, who admitted that, whilst he only had limited information on the source and cause of the cards being compromised, it was still issuing new cards.

"We're very conservative when it comes to protecting our members," he told the local paper.

Interestingly, Hammock said that only two of his members' cards were cloned by fraudsters, but that the attempts to use the card information were caught by the Falcon Network.

The Falcon what? Turns out this is a rather secret card anti-fraud service used by the credit union to discover unusual or fraudulent uses of its credit and debit card accounts.

Check out more on the Falcon Network here.

Just don't tell Visa or MasterCard I sent you there...