Acquisition Without Forced Migration: Says Enterprise Software Giant Oracle

Oracle is planning to integrate BEA's offerings the same way it did after the Siebel and PeopleSoft acquisitions and it promises to give full support to BEA products.

The company also said the middleware vendors that BEA will not be compelled to migrate to Oracle, nonetheless a few products will go through maintenance.

Oracle explained that middleware is a rapidly growing section of its business and that its plan and strategy at this time is to follow the principles of producing "pre-integrated and complete” products.

At first glance, BEA and Oracle seemed to have considerable product overlaps, but the companies also complimented each other at many points.

Thomas Kurian, senior vice president, at Oracle said that the strategic products like BEA's WebLogic application server does not require much revamping and hence it can be quickly adopted into the Fusion Middleware offerings of Oracle.

Oracle president Charles Phillips added that this is "just another" take over for the company and the company will keep investing in the middleware without any forced product migration.