Firefox 3.0 Downloads Itself Into The Guinness Book With New World Record

Firefox 3.0 has finally earned an entry into the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records, for maximum number of downloads in a single day.

Download count for Firefox 3.0 clocked a mammoth 8,002,530 on its famous ‘Download Day’, GWR confirmed.

Initially, the record attempt seemed shattered, as Mozilla’s servers buckled under pressure because of the heavy traffic on its website for two hours, however, things got smoothened out as soon as the server resumed.

Market share for Mozilla has increased to six percent within 48 hours of its launch of Firefox 3.0, which is the highest ever for Mozilla, as the online metrics firm, Net Applications reported.

Some of the shine from Mozilla Firefox 3.0’s launch was also stolen by the reports from security firms, DV Labs and Tipping Point that warned of backdoor vulnerability in the new web browser.

Gareth Deaves, records manager, Guinness World Records said, “As the arbiter and recorder of the World’s amazing facts, Guinness World Records is pleased to add Mozilla’s achievement to our archives.”

The number of Firefox downloads has already reached 20 million within a week of its new release.