Google woos iPhone Users with Google Talk for iPhone

iPhone has got a new web based version of Google Talk made specially for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

All an iPhone user has to do is direct their safari browser to to use the web application.

The web application has all the features of the regular Google Talk that is available for the Desktops and Laptops like changing their status, searching for contacts and talking to multiple contacts.

However the Google Talk for iPhone is not perfect, if a user moves away from the safari browser their status is changed to unavailable, and they are logged off.

This is because iPhone does not support background processes, though Apple maintains it’s trying its best to fix the flaw.

Another major concern is Safari’s tendency to randomly clear pages; this can cause the users to experience difficulty in having a continuous conversation over a long period of time.

To give the best Google Talk services to the users of iPhone, it is best that Google should come out with a real time IM application made for the iPhone.

Nevertheless, Google Talk for iPhone has caused some market speculation as the web application is considered to be the beginning of the end of text messaging.

It is strongly believed that the increasing rates of text messaging will be offset by users opting to talk through Google Talk instead.

As a result the revenues made by text messaging will be reduced.