Intel Geared Up For Mobile Chip Technology

Speaking on the occasion of Intel’s 40th anniversary, Intel’s senior VP, Pat Gelsinger, has stated that its x86 processor architecture will be seen everywhere, from supercomputers to small embedded devices.

Gelsinger maintained that Intel is looking forward to increasing its influence from desktop computers to mobile devices, and thereby scaling down its chips to milliwatts.

Though the road ahead doesn’t seem to be easy going for Intel, as its Atom microprocessor is still resource taxing for mobile phones and other small devices.

The company will face a rigid competition from chip designing company, Arm, which already enjoys a dominant position in the mobile chip market.

Intel has already announced its power-efficient, Moorestown chips to match the requirements of mobile industry.

Gelsinger’s interview further consolidates the US based analyst’s prediction of iPhones using Atom microprocessors in 2010.

Multiple-core chips are at the doorstep to increasing chip density, and Gelsinger calls it as “tera-scale age of computing”, which will spruce up the performance level of the softwares remarkably.