New Intelligent Sat-Nav Promises To Minimize Traffic-Jam Related Agonies

Scientists are developing a new device, sat-nav, which can provide information about the traffic-jams ahead.

Although, the market already has smart satellite navigation systems, which inform drivers about the probable stoppages on their way using information from road sensors and traffic cameras.

Nevertheless the new device with Congestion Avoidance Dynamic Routing Engine (Cadre) system will provide more precise picture of traffic-jams.

The tool will enable the drivers to calculate the whole duration of their journey on any day of the week, thereby assist them to go on a less congested route.

The live information will be broadcasted through mobile internet GPRS system and it will be available to driver’s mobile phone.

The device is said to use artificial intelligence (AI) software, developed by Institute of Industrial Research (IIR), Portsmouth University.

With the help of sat-nav, people can plan their trips more suitably, as they can have realistic data of traffic, by simply logging to a website.

The system has already been tested on several key routes around Hampshire and is expected to hit the market in early 2010.