OpenMoko's Neo FreeRunner Is Ready to Run

Taiwanese device manufacturer, OpenMoko, is all set to hit the market with the Neo FreeRunner, a sleek touch screen handset.

OpenMoko has launched its open source Linux handset and hopes give a tough competition to its rival Apple iPhone as well as the LiMo foundation, Nokia's Symbian and Google's Android platform.

The manufacturer believes that their newly launched touch screen handset Neo FreeRunner, will liberate smart phone users from the shackles of proprietary devices.

OpenMoko claims that Neo FreeRunner is enabled with GNU/Linux and also features integrated core software for text messaging(SMS), dialing and recording contacts.

Further the company also said that these features will be supplemented with periodic downloads, beginning with a software suite which takes advantage of the hardware platform of the phone.

The handset will be available in two latest versions, a 900MHz tri-band GSM version and an 850MHz version.

This light weighted, oval shaped, black mobile handset offers a VGA touch screen of 2.8inches with a resolution of 480 by 640.

In addition the Neo FreeRunner also features GPRS 2.5G, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, 128MB WSDRAM, two 3-axis motion sensors and 256 MB NAND Flash memories.

This newly launched touch screen phone by OpenMoko, will hit the market with an estimated retail price of $399.