On Orange BlackBerry? Try T-Mobile instead

If my recent experience is anything to go by, Tom Alexander, Orange’s CEO, will have to accelerate changes in his organisation if he wants to retain small business users.

A small business decided to properly deploy Exchange in Microsoft’s SBS2003 server to get ‘proper’ mobile access to its email.

For a year now it has had two BlackBerry’s, one on T-Mobile and another on Orange, both receiving email using BlackBerry’s internet service.

To get each on to BlackBerry’s professional service was a vastly different experience. One 5 minute phone call to T-Mobile had their BlackBerry on to BB Professional at an extra £5 a month, plus a free user licence. No problems here.

A call to Orange however could not be handled by the first, second or third agent. The owner was then told to call a number which turned out to be the first one called.

He tried again, only to be told that they had never heard of BlackBerry Professional, and that his contract would need to be turned into a business account at an additional £35 a month.

In three months Orange will lose this business to T-Mobile.