US Government And Civil Liberties Groups In Face Off Over Cell Phone Tracking Practices

Civil Liberties Groups have sued the US Government over their actions used to track individuals through cell phones

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union have confronted the US Department of Justice at the federal courts and asked them to release the information they have on government’s use of mobile phone as tracking devices.

They believe that US citizens have the right to know the extent to which their cell phones are used to monitor them.

The ACLU has earlier tried to get information about the Department of Justice’s tracking system through the right to information act, but the Department of Justice has not yet complied.

The ACLU wants all guides documents, and memos related to the Department of Justice’s tracking system and they want data on the number of times the Department of Justice tracked a person without any cause.

Earlier studies have suggested that the Department of Justice may be taking part in unauthorized tracking of people without a warrant.

The civil liberties groups maintain that the citizens have the right to know the risks to their privacy when carrying a mobile and the extent at which the government can play “Big Brother” over the people.

However the Department of Justice maintains that it does not track law abiding citizens but tracks those who are known criminals or are suspected of criminal activities.