Virgin Warns Its Customers To Play Safe With File Sharing

Customers of Virgin’s broadband connection were in for a shock as they received letters that told them that they had been sharing music illegally, what’s more is that the envelopes warned the customers that if they don’t read the letters, their network connection would be cut.

The letter recommends that the subscribers to Virgin’s broadband must make sure that no files are downloaded or shared on to their system through filesharing networks like BitTorrent and Limewire.

In addition Virgin has asked its subscribers to use Virgin’s security software for better protection from filesharing malwares.

Previously, Virgin Media had joined hands with the British Phonography Industry (BPI) to tackle online music downloading.

The letters contain one letter by the BPI also which tells of the demerits of downloading and sharing file without a valid copyright to do so.

The main investigation is done by BPI where BPI acts as a peer on the various filesharing networks and monitors the activities of the filesharers.

Virgin Media says that’s the letters are just an educational campaign aimed at telling the customers that their system is used for illegal filesharing.

However experts believe that since the number of people taking part in illegal file download is rather high, the efforts of Virgin to warn them of a cancelled subscription are in vain as the customers can just take up some other ISP and Virgin itself can’t lose its customers.