YouTube User Privacy Under Threat As Judge Orders Google To Give User Information To Viacom

Following a lawsuit between Viacom and Google, Judge Stanton has asked Google to release the records of all the people who ever saw a video on YouTube to Viacom

YouTube has been accused of copyright infringement by media giant Viacom, as a result Google has been asked by US court to open up its user logs to Viacom so that they can build their case.

The decision to allow Viacom to see the information of YouTube users has caused an uproar amongst the civil liberties group that believe that the ruling in against the laws of privacy.

Google used the same argument against Judge Stanton when the ruling was made, but the Judge called Google’s claims speculative.

The ruling is set to affect all YouTube users around the world. The information that is to be given should not tell of what all videos a person have seen.

Google is trying to assuage the situation by asking Viacom to allow Google to anonymise the data that will be given to Viacom.

However, Viacom says that it is difficult to anonymise the data as many users use their own names as logins.

Nevertheless, Viacom stated clearly that they won’t be getting the information themselves but an outside counsel would get it, and the counsel is not authorised to provide Viacom with any information