400GB Blu-Ray Super Disc Around The Corner, Says Pioneer

Japanese Consumer Electronics Behemoth Pioneer could possibly release a Blu-ray compatible 400GB Optical disc soon according to a number of news sources.

The disc crams 16 layers into a single industry standard 120mm disc; each layer has a 25GB capacity and would only require slight changes to the hardware to make it compatible with the new Pioneer technology, which has yet to be named.

Pioneer could potentially make a comeback in the storage and media markets with this technology and is currently in talks with a number of companies about potential licensing.

50GB Blu-ray discs are the highest capacity storage models currently on the market and although another Japanese manufacturer, TDK, has announced a 150GB/200GB Blu-ray disc, an off-the shelf model has yet to be launched.

Pioneer's disc technology, which can hold 70 DVDs, managed to solved interference issues that bogged down the development of higher capacity Blu-ray storage.

The super-sandwich optical wonder will also be presented in read-only and write-once versions and could potentially hold two whole days of HD content.