Apple drops MacBook Air Price To Stimulate Demand

In a surprising move, fruit-flavoured company Apple dropped the price of its most famous laptop, the Macbook Air by a substantial USD 500, down to USD 2598 while keeping the price of its lower-specced model at USD 1799.

Apple could well be feeling the heat from competitors like HP or Toshiba, both of which have released ultra slim laptops aimed at stopping Apple from running away with a lucrative niche segment.

By reducing the price of the MacBook Air, the company brings it in line with Toshiba's Portégé R500-S5007V and HP Voodoo Envy as well.

Commentators point out that the falling price of Solid State Memory Storage devices combined with Intel's decision to trim its mobile processor prices may have prompted the cut.

The souped-up MBA still cost £1719 in the UK though which means that it would probably cost prospective UK customers less to fly across the Atlantic and get one than to buy one locally.

The laptop features a 64GB solid state drive as well as a Intel Dual Core processor plus an all aluminum enclosure but unfortunately, no optical drive.