Apple says iPhone 3G uncrackable (fx: snigger...)

You've got to hand it to Apple. It may have one of the best-selling mobiles in history on its hands, but it also has the ability to make gonzo-like pronouncements as well.

As the clock ticks down to the still-can't-do-MMS-properly-and-only-got-a-2-meg-camera launch of the iPhone 3G, Apple claims that the phone will be completely unhackabubble.

In a memo sent to AT&T stores in the US over the weekend, head office has apparently told store staff that each iPhone 3G will have to be hooked up to an in-store computer in order to be activated.

Hmmm - maybe that's why Freeit4less is offering the iPhone 3G (unlocked) for $100 more than it will cost in the shops. And it claims it will make a profit as well...