Australia's Queensland govt tender Web site hacked

Interesting to read over the weekend that the Queensland government in Australia has revealed its central Web site for all state public sector purchasing was well and truly hacked last week.

So hacked, in fact, that the Web site - which is a key e-trading portal between the government and its suppliers - has been offline for several days now.

"I am informed that the Queensland government's eTender site was the target of an external intrusion on or about June 14," Robert Schwarten, the Queensland Minister for Public Works, Housing and IT, said.

"I am advised that the intrusion was successful and had the potential

to be malicious."

Top marks for stating the obvious. Give him a job in Gordy Brown's government is what I say.

Nah, don't bother - by the time his plane arrives, Gordy will be oot of a job...