Daily Mail Owner Red-Faced After Corporate Laptop is Snatched

A laptop owned by the owners of Daily Mail, Northcliffe Media, has been stolen last week according to the company; details on the laptop contained names, addresses, bank accounts and sort codes of employees of Daily Mail and General Trust.

The Daily Mail, which is normally vocal and critical about data-related cock-ups which regularly occurs in the public sector, has yet to write an article about this latest data conundrum.

Talking to the Register, a spokesperson said that staff, the police and the Information commissioner have already been informed but did not say whether the culprit will be disciplined.

A letter from the group's Finance Director said that the incident was inadvertently caused by a technical issue but failed to say more about the "issue" itself.

It also showed how candid large organisations are; the letter also mentions that Northcliffe Media hopes that whoever committed the crime will not realise that there is any personal data on the laptop.