MSI K9A2 Platinum

This time MSI made an extra effort to provide fully equipped motherboard for AMD platform

And that will match performances and OC potential side-by-side with competitive Asus, Gigabyte, Biostar etc. Cooling solution responsible for CPU power supply unit cooling is special Circu-Pipe cooler similar to those that came with ASUS M3N HT-mempipe and Crosshair 2 motherboards.

Alongside this MB, MSI delivers K9A2 V2 Platinum, distinguished with absence of back panel eSATA and two SATA ports.

First glance at the motherboard and its clear that we are looking at MSI product. Multicolored (green, orange and blue) slots became trade mark of this brand.

First detail that attracted our attention where the endings of memory slots that are much closer to PCI-Express 16x slot, but still far enough to clear away any doubt of getting in the way of longer graphics cards.

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