Polaroid Introduces Breakthrough Ink-less Photo Printer Named Pogo

Polaroid has come up with a new inkless printer, which is arguably its most innovative product, since the launch of its instant picture camera in 1971.

Polaroid on-the go, nicknamed as Pogo, is a compact sized printer, which can easily be attached to a digital camera or a mobile phone through a USB cable, and the desired photos can be printed anywhere, anytime.

The pictures from mobile phones can also be transferred via Bluetooth technology, and the size of the image printed using this device is ‘2X3’-inches.

The printer uses Zero-Ink technology from Zink Imaging, and the paper used in the printer contains colour crystals.

Pogo works on a Lithium-ion battery, and when it is fully charged, it can create up to 15 photographs.

The device comes with a rechargeable Li-ion battery, an AC adapter and 10 sheets of Digital Instant Zink Photo Paper.

The expected cost of the device is around $149 and the company aims at selling 1 million pieces annually.