Yes Telecom Customer Stunned by GBP 31,500 Download Bill

Coming back from your holidays and finding out that you own a £31,500 mobile phone bill is not the best way to make your way back to work; but that's one Mancunian, Iayn Dobsyn, was confronted with.

The IT contractor from Manchester used his mobile phone as a modem and downloaded one episode of American Drama, Prison Break as well as a few songs to his computer thinking that his deal with Yes Telecoms, a Manchester Based ISP, would provide him with unlimited transfer, even abroad.

Notwithstanding the fact that this might be a bit too optimistic (the guy works in Technology for a start), no mobile broadband provider are currently offering unlimited transfer

Iayn Dobsyn might actually have shot himself in the foot if as in T-Mobile's case, Yes Telecoms, which is a Vodafone subsidiary, prohibits the use of your mobile phone as a modem.

Also, he could also find himself in hot water if finale of U.S. series Prison Break turned out to be a pirated P2P'ed version.

That said, he did manage to bring down the cost of his bill to a more manageable £229, just slightly higher than the £150 he used to fork out.