600 Million Web Users At Risks Due To Obsolete Browsers

Researchers at the Swiss Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory, IBM and Google carried out an 18-month study and found out that most Internet Explorer users are not using fully patched (and safer) browsers.

Firefox came on top with nearly 84 percent of users using the latest iterations of their respective Mozilla Firefox browsers highlighting the fact that most Firefox users are geeky enough to upgrade their own browsers.

In contrast, Internet Explorer is already preloaded on most Windows-equipped computers which means that some novice users are rarely inclined to patch their flawed browsers because the process might involve too many technical steps.

IBM and Google obviously have vested interest in promoting a non-Microsoft, open source browser especially when security if concerned but this does not remove the merits of Firefox.

The report also praised the fact that Firefox was more proactive than Internet Explorer when it came to regular updates and that Microsoft would gain to implement an auto-update mechanism as used by Firefox.

The team is also recommending a "best before" date to encourage users to look for browser updates.

Internet Explorer currently has 78 percent of the browser market, more than four times Firefox's; the report also included figures for Apple's Safari and Opera.